Why Cotton?

Why Cotton?

Cotton - the world's most versatile fabric

  • Super Soft against young skin

  • Natural and biodegradable

  • Breathable

  • Renewable

  • Durable

Cotton is quite simply the most wonderful, naturally occurring fabric known to man.

Not only is it renewable and biodegradable, it’s incredibly versatile – capable of being woven into the lightest tees or the heaviest sweaters. It’s light and breathable in warmer conditions and dries easily to prevent chilling. Cotton is also durable, malleable and extremely easy to take care of – all good reasons why it’s the most popular textile on earth.

Why Combed cotton?

At Lou & Olly we use combed cotton, a strong, smooth variant of cotton that virtually eliminates skin irritation by removing the short threads that can prickle infant's skin. To even further reduce irritation, Lou & Olly uses skin-friendly eco-dyes to colour the blankets, which means they conform to the stringent textile standard Oeko Tex 100. Oeko Tex 100 limits the use of harmful chemicals that can cause dermatological problems, many of which are found to varying degrees in everyday childrenswear.
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